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Cyber Security: Types Cyberattacks to Know

The corporate world has been greatly enhanced because of technological advancements. Every business today has an IT system to improve efficiency and performance. One of the drawbacks of having an IT system is cyberattack threats that require effective cyber attack prevention ideas and methods. According to studies conducted, cyberattacks are estimated to contribute to a loss of 33 billion records by 2023. Therefore, if you want to keep all your records and money safe, you should focus on cyber attack prevention. For you to be effective in cyber attack prevention, you should first learn about the different forms of cyberattacks. This will make it easier for you to prevent them from happening in your organization. Thea article herein will discuss different forms of cyberattacks and effective cyber attack prevention methods for each.

Phishing is the first type of cyberattack that you should be aware of. In phishing, hackers focus on stealing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, login credentials, and bank account numbers from organizations. For the hackers to gain access to this data, they pose as a trusted individual or organization. As a trusted individual or organization, the hacker will send you an email, text message, or link to enter your information. Since you are expecting such as email or text, you will not hesitate to share the required information. The recommended cyber attack prevention method for phishing is ensuring that you are sending data to the correct individuals.

Man-in-the-middle (MitM) is a common form of cyberattack where someone eavesdrops on you or puts themselves in a two-person transaction or conversation. A good example is where someone joins a conversation using your Wi-Fi or open network. Malware is one of the most popular forms of cyberattack today. A malware is considered software that can hurt your computers such as a virus or ransomware. The most common means through which hackers put malware on your computer is flooding your device with many popups. Clicking on download means inviting a virus or ransomware in your computer. The solution to this form of cyberattack is ignoring suspicious popups that might show your laptop screen.

Password attack is a common cyberattack that many people complain of. Since it is an easier form of cyberattack, it is advisable that you follow password requirements for your organization when creating a password. A strong password should consist of special characters, letters, numbers, and capitalization. Denial of service is a unique form of cyberattack that many people are not aware of. In a situation where a website is overcrowded, you are less likely to get what you need. Hackers are known to take advantage of such situations to overload the servers and change the information that is displayed.

The last cyberattack to learn about is Botnet. It happens when automated users and devices work together to complete an attack. An effective cyber attack prevention technique for Botnet is establishing a strong security wall.

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