Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Today, a lot of countries have made marijuana legal. CBD, a compound found in marijuana, is the main reason for its legalization. A lot of jobs have been created because of the legalization of marijuana. If you through marijuana-related websites, you will always find that they are looking for employees. If you are thinking about which field to join career-wise, the marijuana industry is a safe bet because its growth is expected to continue. There are vey many jobs in this industry. If you are curious about which jobs you can find in the cannabis industry, then read on to find out.

The first job we will be looking at is that of a budtender. A budtender is basically the go-to resource for customers looking to buy marijuana. They work in marijuana dispensaries and answer all questions related to marijuana. Since they deal with customers, budtenders need to have people skills. A background in sales is an added advantage if you are thinking about becoming a budtender.

The legalization of marijuana has also created an opening for edible makers. Medicinal marijuana is sold in many different forms. A lot of people today are going for edibles rather than regular marijuana. Edibles are not only easy to consume but also easy to absorb. Baked goods such as cookies and candy are the most purchased edibles. Edible makers come up with different recipes and create these goods. You can also work in the packaging line. To get this job, one needs to have a food handlers’ certificate. If you have ever worked in the culinary industry before, then this is an added advantage.

The third position we will be looking at is that of a delivery person. Doctors prescribe medical marijuana to many kinds of patients. Delivery persons are needed because many of these patients are unable to get their prescriptions from marijuana dispensaries. A lot of truck drivers have also gotten jobs delivering marijuana to various locations. Most employers will require you to have a clean driving record and no criminal affiliations on top of having your driver’s license to become a delivery person. You may also need to have a GPS tracker installed in your ca so you can get a job as a delivery person. Some states require every deliver person to have a medical marijuana permit. Having good communication skills is necessary if you make home deliveries.

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