What to Avoid After Oral Surgery

There are several reasons someone may need oral surgery. It may be to remove a problem tooth, place an implant, repair a bite or jaw issue, or provide another type of treatment. While oral surgery is an effective way to help with several oral health conditions, it is still surgery. As a result, it is necessary to take the right steps and avoid a few things after the procedure to ensure proper healing.

If someone is planning to have oral surgery, knowing what to avoid is essential. Keep reading to see more information and to learn what may hurt a person’s ability to fully heal.

Avoid Any Strenuous Activities

Try to avoid exercising for two or three days after undergoing surgery. The increased blood flow may result in blood clots that form in the mouth to dislodge. This can cause serious health issues. The best thing to do is to take it easy and rest, while allowing the body to fully heal.

Avoid Hot Foods and Drinks

It is best to avoid any hot foods or drinks until the local anesthesia has completely worn off. It is impossible to feel any pain when the mouth and surgery area is still numb. This may cause a person to burn their mouth.

Avoid Eating Crunchy or Hard Foods

For approximately six up to eight weeks, try not to bite items like popcorn or carrots in the area where the surgery was performed. This is going to help ensure no additional damage occurs in the mouth.

Avoid Smoking or Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking can interfere with a person’s ability to fully heal. During the healing process, avoid this completely. This is going to allow the mouth to heal faster and reduce the possibility of complications.

Oral surgery is surgery and as a result, the proper recovery steps should be taken. It is essential to make sure that all the things above are avoided, as this is going to have an adverse effect on the healing process. Being informed and knowing the best way to heal properly will ensure that no adverse effects are seen or experienced.

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