Helpful Tips to Prevent Cataracts

Cataracts is the top cause of blindness in the U.S. While there is no way to prevent this condition or completely avoid cataract surgery, there are some steps that can be taken to protect eye health. Keep reading to learn what these steps are.

Eat a Healthy Diet

There is no way to change a person’s age or their family history. While this is true, they can control their diet. Research has proven that by eating foods that are high in antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, it may be possible to reduce the possibility of developing cataracts. For those who already have cataracts, it can help slow down their growth.

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar

If someone has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is essential for them to keep their blood sugar under control. However, what they may not realize is that this may also help to prevent cataracts. This is because people who are dealing with diabetes are more likely to develop this eye condition than those who do not.

The lens in the eye will swell if a person’s blood sugar is too high for too long. The lens will also change the blood sugar into something called sorbitol. If the substance is allowed to collect on the eye’s lens, it will make it more difficult to see and a cataract may develop.

Schedule Regular Eye Appointments

An eye doctor will be able to detect problems early on. For individuals between the ages of 40 and 64, it is a good idea to schedule an eye exam every two to four years. This will let the eye doctor get a full look at the eye and evaluate the person’s overall eye health. Detecting problems like cataracts early is the best way to manage and treat them.

When it comes to cataracts, there is no foolproof way to prevent this condition. However, with the tips above, it may reduce the likelihood that someone will develop this eye health issue. Be sure to keep the tips here in mind to maintain eye health regardless of a person’s age or family history.

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