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COVID-19 has affected the whole world and left us with the ” new normal” where we have to adjust to the new procedures and changes in our lives, hence, we are required to wear a mask whenever we go out or be in public. 

Key features shows that fabric mask is more preferred over disposable face mask in the US:

Majority of the people in the US prefer using fashionable fabric mask which is reusable, as they call it ” clothes mask”, and here some features of fabric mask:

  1. Washable can be used multiple times.
  2. Provides filter Layer for protection of 98% of bacteria and viruses.
  3. Variety of designs.
  4. Better cost.
  5. Worry-Less about going in supermarkets and getting new sets of disposable masks every time.

 fabric mask jannat asia trading

Beside all these best highlighted reasons. individuals presently lean toward to utilize cloth face masks , there are various other benefits as well which is why these cotton masks have been in tall demand, as masks became something we use frequently exactly the same way we use our clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Meeting the worldwide demand:

The Increase in the demand for face masks worldwide forced the international importers to find fabric mask manufacturer all over the world, and specifically in Vietnam.

The manufacturers number in Vietnam increased after COVID-19, it is famous of Vietnam to produce fabrics with high quality materials, here the chance for those small factories came up and they started to produce all kind of fabric masks and export it worldwide, Jannat Asia Trading is one of the fabric mask manufacturers in Vietnam, holding total of 3 factories of fabrics, including a factory specialized in wholesale clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

So far, Jannat Asia has been exporting fabric masks to the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Ireland, and UAE.
Building partnership and trust all over the world, with a vision of
becoming one large scale of trading business and exporting bulk quantities of garments and fabrics from Vietnam all over the world.

Design & Customisation

Jannat Asia Trading provides customisation in production for b2b partners, once bulk order is going to be placed, you can request a custom design for your own business, make your own design, or even send a mock up version exactly the way you want it to be produced, materials to be discussed with our production and sales managers in order to meet your requirements.

Mask Specs & Water Repellent Technology

The development took place even in fabrics industries, now Jannat Asia is producing masks with water repellent technology, you can keep your mask on under the rain, more efficient against droplets providing 100% protection, the mask is washable up to 200 times.

The fabric mask of Jannat Asia is made with one of 2 options you can choose, and the price is not much different:

1-    3-Layer fabric mask with PPE filter

2-    5-Layer fabric mask with PPE filter and Water Repellent technology

All of those masks come with Adjustable ear loops it can also expand up to 250% to provide maximum comfort.


Fabric Mask specifications 

Fabric Mask made for our clients


Fabric Masks made for Anytime Fitness Malaysia, the famous Gym, The requirements of this mask were focused on making it light and breathable, especially for the use after sports. This sport mask consist of 3-Layer light Micro-Fabric with Antibacterial Filter  


sport mask anytime fitness


Few Designs were made for Robust industries company in India which is also specialised in sport accessories, the challenge was to meet their design colours and make it light material, we used ultrathin fabric which named nano fabric in order to make the mask very light.


Chinese New Year fabric face mask, was made for SAVELIVES company one of the largest mask companies in Malaysia. 

 CNY Mask



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